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So when I was going through my mini thing with Tumblr, I deleted my tumblr blog-blog. I’ve now made a new one, I think it’s easier with you guys than to always link you to the blogger one :) I hope you don’t mind and I’m sorry for the inconvenience! x 

meganbethkernaghan said:There are lovely photographers in Australia :3 I’ve met some of my best friends through following their work!

I’d love to travel to Australia! I’ve also met some amazing friends through a mutual following of our works. But sadly, I know a lot of very mean photographers here too - I guess there’s always going to be ‘clicks’ that some people don’t fit into just like with everything else I guess.

Anonymous asked:

I know that there's a lot of arrogant, prickish photographers in Dublin. From your experience, is that the way photographers from different cities are too?

I have yet to travel anywhere but Ireland / Dublin to meet other photographers so I don’t know really, but I think you are always going to find big-head photographers anywhere you go, one’s that think they are better than others or stand on people because they are jealous of their work, but we’re thankfully not all like that and there are many lovely photographers that I’ve met here in Dublin! :) 
I’d love to be able to travel and meet more photographers from different cities and countries! Maybe one day ^_^