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Successful photo-date with Angel today  Walked for 5 hours with no extreme back pain, leg pain or stomach pain! I couldn’t be happier!! 

Can’t wait to edit and upload the photos :)

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Off out for a photo date ^_^

vellene said: Hey, champ. :)

Oh hey there! XD

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Hi ^_^

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<3 Thanks lov. :)

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Come talk to me and ask me question :) ↘

I’m feeling a little low today… I don’t hear from you guys often (not the reason btw), come talk to me or ask me questions! 

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Woke up to my Facebook newsfeed covered in the tragic news of Robin Williams death. Words can not describe how devastated I am, only two days ago my dad and I were having a wonderful conversation about how amazing this man was as an actor and as a person whilst watching Dead Poets Society.I, like most, have grown up watching Mr. Williams on my TV and at the cinema, in films or on stage, and have always been amazed at his ease to bring people laughter or to tears. He was a truly remarkable man, my deepest sympathies go out to his family, friends and the millions of people who have been touched throughout their lives by him.R.I.P Mr. Willaims, you will forever be a hero in our eyes.
So the other day I bought myself some medium format film… I’ve no used my Mamiya in so long! I’m gonna try do a little project out of it ^_^ 1 week ago • 5 notes
Infusion Day
Hospital Diaries - Elizabeth Rose Thompson

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Hers &amp; His.Gum Bichromate.- Elizabeth Rose Thompson
Hers & His.
Gum Bichromates.
- Elizabeth Rose Thompson

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So, I noticed today, I never posted allmy Gum Bichromates so I thought I'd uploadsome more of them while my photo-takingis on hiatus. Photo from 'Hers &amp; His' - Elizabeth Rose Thompson
The tiniest of my girls, little Scaredy Bear, who only recently let me hold her without biting me or trying to leap from my hand. Bear is the smallest girl in our group (the other 3 are almost twice the size of her, Keiko is more than twice her size haha. She&#8217;s such a little cutie! I&#8217;m so glad she trusts me enough to hold her! :)- Elizabeth Rose Thompson
Peppermint, Keiko & Anais being adorable!
Little Bear is hiding in the house.
- Elizabeth Rose Thompson

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Went upstairs to check on the girls and foundPeppermint looking extremely comfy :)She looks like a big cotton ball! Far too cute!!- Elizabeth Rose Thompson