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New Blog Post!


Studio Session with Tamara

On Friday, I got to go back into the studio for the first time in about a year and a half… maybe longer! First time model, Tarama joined me, along side her boyfriend Richard who came for moral support and Angel, who was my assistant for the day and took behind the scene photographs. It felt great getting back in there! I was so nervous, and I’m sure it showed – specially when setting up, but it was so much fun! Studio days for me, are long, hard and tiring but it’s so worth it when I get home, plug my memory card into the laptop and look at the end result!


Finished editing photos from Tamara’s ‘shoot on Friday! There will be a blog post shortly and over the rest of the evening and tomorrow I’ll be uploading the rest of the photos!
Can’t tell you guys how much I enjoyed being back in the studio!